Crumplers Can WOW

I’ve been working with one of the country’s most premier medical hospitals and academic facilities to develop media for their upcoming opening events. As a part of the opening events, we are filming and producing a series of different media pieces. These media pieces are comprised of interviews, facility establishing shots and archival footage.

The process of developing the media pieces requires us to conduct initial screening interviews with key “persons of interest”. These are people that are highly influential within the organizational structure as well as people that are key to the facility success from the community. The interviewees include basic scientists and researchers, physicians, clinicians, business technology partners, philanthropists and of course patients and family members of patients.

One of the things that I have always found interesting is that no single particular job is necessarily exclusive to a Folder or Crumpler personality. There may be roles where one persona is more predominant, either because of the tendencies and requirements of that role or a natural trending from that person. For example, Chief Operating Officer (COO) roles are usually held by Folders, but it is not a 100% guaranteed.

As we’ve been conducting the interviews, it has been fascinating to see the incredible mix of Folders and Crumplers within the physicians. It’s pretty obvious nearly immediately from the start of the video-conference interview which persona they are. The nuances of their level of preparation for the call, the initial attention focus and how much background prep they desire prior to the start of the interview are all tell-tale traits for identification.

What has also been extremely obvious is that Crumplers can WOW. As we talk to each candidate about their role, their vision for medicine and their dreams, each of them has incredibly intellectual things to say. But the Crumplers paint a truly dynamic, emotionally provocative image of their vision and belief structure. I don’t want anyone reading this to think I am saying one is more intelligent than the other – THAT IS NOT what I am saying. The brilliance is paralleled on both sides. The inspiration though, comes through so much more powerfully from the Crumplers.

I think the reason is that the Folders try and present a “case” for their vision and the future. They focus on data points and substantiating facts or reference materials that rationally justify their claims and dreams. The Crumplers on the other hand don’t hold back – the conversations are so much more visceral and impassioned because they aren’t letting the minutiae become a detractor.

The Crumpler persona is incredibly powerful. It can create an agent of change and leadership. And it makes me a little jealous!

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