The Calamari Effect

I was traveling a few weeks ago with a production crew of ours for a large event we were managing.  This crew is a motley one – a mix of some of the craziest and eccentric “techies” you can imagine.  But they are like family and it is always a fun time to get the band back together.

While they are all different and unique personalities, if you’ve been reading my book or any of my posts, you know that to me, they all boil down to either Folders or Crumplers!

After a very long day of production, we headed over to a great little seafood joint, The Fish Market, just up the street from where the gig was.  I wasn’t actually “on duty” for Folder/Crumpler Continuum identification that night – I was pretty beat and just enjoying the company of the old gang and the new folks we roped in to join in our pain.  The appetizers for our meal showed up and my partner, Jason, nudged me, chuckling.

He said, “There’s some real Folder/Crumpler action happening here!” and pointed to the different plates of calamari that had arrived.  Sure enough, the inner truths surfaced!

One group was in a feeding frenzy, diving in with their hands, grabbing pieces and dumping sauces all over the plate.  The other group was delicately selecting pieces using forks and moving them to their own plates to be adorned with sauce.  Which group do you think I was sitting in?

I had to laugh – I’ve known most of these folks for 15 – 20 years and I am CERTAIN of where they land on the F/C Continuum.  Their behavior matched exactly to how I would have classified them.  And for the new folks that had just joined us, I had already made my guess…and it was confirmed!  I may have to call this The Calamari Effect!