The Napkin Tells the Story

It’s been a while since I posted – sorry!  I’ve been working on another project that became all-consuming.  Just before that project kicked into high-gear, I was asked to speak at a meeting for the local Civitant Club about the book.  I knew my schedule was going to be crazy for a while so I politely deferred.  The Civitant Club was kind enough to stay patient and keep the invitation open.

My other project finally settled down and I took the opportunity to meet with these wonderful, kind, generous people.  Upon my arrival, I was promptly introduced to the leader of the group who, fortuitously enough, spent his entire career as a toilet paper salesman! I couldn’t be in better company LOL.

We had a lovely lunch and then I was invited to present my ideas on the Folder/Crumpler Continuum.  The group was very gracious and engaged and allowed me to pontificate on the differences between the two personas.  As I wrapped up, I looked around the table and asked if anyone had questions.  One woman seated at the table had a funny smile on her face and said “I was going to ask you to tell us what you think each of us is…but I think I already know!”  She pointed to the spot in front of each person and it was truly fascinating.  While I was speaking, each person somewhat subconsciously, had placed their napkin in front of them as they completed their lunch.  Some of the napkins were incredibly neatly folded (mine of course!), others were fairly organized and folded and other napkins were simply tossed in a lump.

Maybe it was coincidence or the power of suggestion from my speaking points, but as we dug into each person’s personality a little bit, their napkin status accurately reflected where they landed on the F/C Continuum!

I want to thank the Civitant Club for their hospitality and generosity and thank them for everything that they do.  I didn’t know much about them and their goals before I met them, but I am appreciative for having learned about what gracious people they are.  I think they are thankful too for having learned a little more about themselves!