Minivans are for Folders

I bought a minivan.  That sentence is in the top five sentences I’d never thought I would say.  But I did it.  I don’t have children mind you.  I have a very, very large dog (who is definitely a Crumpler).

I’ve said for years that minivans are truly the most practical vehicle in the world.  They are comfortable, feature-rich, can transport the entire contents of a Home Depot and are the least likely vehicle to be pulled over by a police officer.  I’ve made compelling arguments to friends of mine shopping for vehicles that they really should consider a minivan because it satisfied every single requirement they had, and yet I had never been able to get myself over that mental hurdle.  I mean, a MINIVAN???

I’ve had sports cars, SUV’s, heck, I’ve even owned race cars!  And now I have….a MINIVAN???

Yup.  I do.  And I have to say – I LOVE IT.  If there was ever a vehicle that could satisfy the deep, dark desires inside a Folder like me, it is a minivan.  EVERYTHING has a purpose and there is no purpose that you have that can’t be satisfied in this thing!  Designated, molded spots for holding umbrellas.  USB outlets for charging every device; 12v outlets and even 115v outlets.  Special hooks to hold your grocery bags!

Minivan grocery bags

LOOK AT THAT – so nice, tidy, organized and safe!  I mean, is that not PURE BLISS?  I’m serious, it’s like a guilty pleasure.  Like ‘sneaking into the kitchen at midnight to have ice-cream’ good.  You can’t fight your nature. Sometimes you have to embrace it.

Trust me Folders – get a minivan!

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