The Struggle is Real

Folder Crumpler Struggle

First, let me say that I love my wife.  She is a GREAT woman (especially if she is reading this!).  However, she is definitely a Crumpler…whereas I am of course a Folder.  I went to go make breakfast this morning for myself.  I always know when she was the one who emptied the dishwasher and put things away.  Please see Exhibit A below – a photograph of one of our utensil drawers:

folder vs crumpler

It may be a little tough to see, but I have tried to highlight it for all of you out there.  On the left, we’ve got spatulas mixed with whisks…tongs mixed with spatulas.  OH, THE HUMANITY!

On the right, you can see order has been restored and I could once again breathe.  Spatulas are with spatulas.  Tongs are with tongs.  Whisks and with whisks.  Nice and neat and organized!

Highlighting again that Crumplers are ok with organized chaos…and offering ongoing challenges to the Folders.  We will persevere!

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1 thought on “The Struggle is Real”

  1. Now it makes sense as to why I had to face the sodas in your fridge when helping your wife put away groceries. I can’t wait to read your book !

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