The Folder Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree

Folder Tree

I was visiting my parents for a few days in Florida recently.  My mom works at a physical therapists office as the office manager.  She really seems to enjoy her job and the people (the workers and the patients) really love her – of course! She is my mom!

Anyway, I had a pretty good laugh as she told me a story about how she likes to start each day at the office.

She opens up the office and heads to her desk.  She reviews any phone messages, looks at the appointments for the day, checks charts and gets a plan in place.  That all sounds pretty standard and expected for someone in her position, right?

She also organizes all of the writing utensils.  She visits all of the workspaces and makes sure the papers are in order.  She checks the kitchen.  She inspects the printer/copier zone.  She runs through a full checklist that she says is approximately 70 minutes long.  She also has all of her people trained to know that they don’t dare bother her during her morning opening ritual!

Like I said, the Folder doesn’t fall far from the tree!

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1 thought on “The Folder Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree”

  1. And did she tell you that she gets up at the crack of dawn so she can arrive before anyone else.

    Loving grandparents to Max.

    Lois and Dan

    PS ordered the book today.

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